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The art of living and dying well are one....

Butterflies Counselling

Transformation in life, living and death.
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The butterfly symbolises transformation and throughout life we are faced with many challenges and opportunities for transformation. Death and dying present us with some of life's most difficult challenges. It can be a time of great pain but also great transformation. Facing the reality of death can offer us the opportunity to grow and heal as human beings. Acknowledging and confronting our own mortality and learning to savour each day in the knowledge that our time here is limited can allow us to truly live. It can also give us the courage to be more present with our loved ones as they face death. 

Butterflies counselling is a therapeutic approach that offers counselling to individuals who wish to embrace this reality. It aims to empower individuals to live fully and find meaning in life and death. If you are asking questions about life, living and death then you may benefit from this counselling approach. 
  • Have you recently received a diagnosis of a life threatening illness?

  • Has someone close to you recently died and you are in need of support?

  • Have you a family member or friend who is dying and you wish to be supported through this difficult time?

  • Are you anxious about death and wish to be supported to work through this?

  • Are you reviewing your life and searching for meaning in the knowledge that your time here is limited and valuable?


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